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English, Spanish and French to Italian translator
English <> Italian liaison interpreter

For the Medical sector, NGOs and Corporate Communication

Private Italian tutor
For students of all levels

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On your side to get your impact across

You take extreme care in crafting your message to communicate your impact.

To share your values.

To provide precise information to the people who most need it.

You choose your words carefully.

And you want to make sure that your global audience gets the same care.

That's what I can help you with.

I am a native Italian translator and interpreter committed to helping organisations, social enterprises, companies and individuals overcome language and cultural barriers and get their impact across.


I recently asked Marilisa to translate a short awareness leaflet for a longstanding charity client of mine, and she was extremely professional, reliable and friendly throughout. Her work was revised by a very experienced translator who reported that her translation was very good, with a high degree of accuracy and fluency. I'd be delighted to work with her again on future projects!”

Kate Stansfield, PM at Sea Change Multilingual


Isle of Dogs, London, UK

+44 (0) 7988 697 327

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